Martha Stewart’s fashion secret ruins iconic look of Christian Louboutin shoes

Martha Stewart might be wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, but one might not notice. On Wednesday she horrified the world admitting that she defaces the shoes by painting them. While most people think of graffiti artists as people who paint on walls, Stewart paints the bottoms of her Louboutin shoes black.

The shoes, traditionally red, have been trademarked to have the exclusive color. Fashion gurus would give up their homes for the perfect pair of Louboutin shoes, however to Martha Stewart it is a formality. Once she has the shoes, she spray paints the bottoms black and wears them without the red look as she doesn’t like the color.

“I don’t like them red, even though they’re his trademark. But he doesn’t mind,” said Martha Stewart answering questions at the American Made Awards. Oddly the rest of the world seems bothered by the idea as so much hoopla is made over how this particular red bottom is iconic fashion.

Is this decision to deface Louboutin shoes acceptable? Well that depends on if there is a pair in the closet to wear. Those fashion followers who haven’t got a pair yet might find it a bit silly as who wants to wear a shoe that hasn’t been noticed by everyone?